• Jesus-Shalom is the communication sphere of Anvil Trust using the mediums of podcast, blog and live video conversations and discussions. It explores provocative biblical and contemporary issues from shalom perspectives, plus regular interviews with ‘Shalom Activists’ working in diverse roles.

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  • Anvil Trust is the centrepoint and legal foundation of a movement whose purpose is to articulate, advocate and advance an understanding and activism based on a Jesus-centred all-inclusive vision of shalom, through Workshop learning, Peacemeal community and Jesus-Shalom podcasts.

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  • Workshop is the learning sphere of Anvil Trust.  Creating safe yet brave spaces to explore a spirituality that inspires understanding, formation and activism from a Jesus-centred shalom. Value-focused, inclusive and empowering, it offers resources, courses and live video conversations.

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  • Peacemeal is the community-building sphere of Anvil Trust. Inspired by the ‘table-fellowship’ of Jesus every meal can become a portal for nurturing relationship, developing community, spiritual encounter and radical social change. We are a catalyst to reveal and inspire radical table possibilities.

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Peace, spirituality, values, and activism
from a Jesus perspective
Shalom activist Ali Phelps on co-housing

In our most recent podcast episode I have a conversation with Ali Phelps, whose shalom-activism takes form in commitment to a particular geography–and church within in–along with co-housing as a way to inhabit that geography. We also hear a bit about Ali’s faith journey, including her encounter with Anabaptism–through the work of Ellie and Alan […]

About us

Tim Peebles is an Anabaptist theologian, Mennonite pastor, and martial artist, recently moved from Chicago to England. He currently serves as the coordinator of Anvil Trust, a UK charity devoted to articulating, advocating, and advancing Jesus-Shalom.

Noel Moules is a thinker, teacher, author and activist for peace, justice and deep ecology. He is the founder and visionary of Anvil Trust with its Workshop, Peacemeal and Jesus-Shalom podcast programmes.

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Dislocated Animism

A post from Shawn Sanford Beck, whom I interviewed a couple months ago (here & here). Enjoy! Moving is hell. Yes, there is the excitement

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Christianity as a blueprint

In my previous post I noted that current trends away from religious affiliation, together with cultural shifts in identity and community, leave us needing to

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